Thursday, October 30, 2008
Remember me? I'm the owner of this blog!?!

Hahaha! It's been a really long time since I blogged.

Reason - Not my cup of tea.....

But I love sharing nice music.. especially covers.. So here's one of them... Enjoy!

Jamie Scott and The Town doing a cover of "Bleeding Love" by Leona Louis

Not many know about Jamie Scott and The Town. They are one of those bands who are talented but not internationally recognized. They are quite popular in UK though, being that they are a UK based band. This is the first video I saw of them when I was just channel surfing and "accidentally" popped by MTV.

Jamie Scott and The Town - When Will I See Your Face Again


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Sunday, April 6, 2008
transformers theme song

found this transformers theme song while surfing imeem.. i rem liking this song and wondering what title it was.. LOL, took me long enough to find it :)


and i like this song by Goo Goo Dolls too! :D

thats all!! :D

it is now 5am on sunday morning, and no, i'm not awake - i've not slept yet...
it's not because i'm suffering from insomia..

but because i'm missing you badly - even though it has only been a few days..

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Friday, April 4, 2008

i guess the simplest way to answer all that "WHY HAVE YOU NOT BEEN UPDATING YOUR BLOG" questions, will be to just act as if i am suffering from some form of amnesia....

"duuuhhhhhhh, huh? i had a blog????" (saliva drooling from mouth)

LOL, but im not going to do that. simply, my answer to all that is: (read my first post) I am not the blogging sort of guy, and i blog when i like, i don't blog when i don't feel like :) simple as that :) i guess what gave me the push to finally write something on my blog now is my new computer?

just bought a new computer two days ago, and "I'M LOVING IT!" (sorry, Macdonalds) even though many of my friends told me Acer spoils easily.. ah well, i still think i've got a good buy though! :) it's a good performance PC that comes together with speakers, mouse and keyboard. LOL...great.. now i got an extra speakers sitting around in my room. anyone interesteD? haha! :D

on to my love life...........................

right, as everyone of you already knew, i got attached :) she's really everything i've ever prayed for :) :) just thinking of her now while i am typing this makes me smile :D LOL, don't puke now.. :) you'll behave the same when you are in love, trust me.. ;)

no? don't trust me? fine! when you get attached, record a video of yourself and your other half, then post it up on YouTube.. Let's see what the comments will be like.. ;) LOL! :P

right, anyway..... she's in china now, on some school trip / assignment thing... i hate the feeling of missing someone so dear to you.. :( someone whom is always around when you needed her the most, but now, she's not.......for the next 8 days, after struggling through the first 3 days.

she's probably reading this right now, so BEWARE guys! cause the next paragraph is not meant for anyone of you but her only! (this is where you close your eyes and scroll down blindly :])

************WARNING****************** MUSHY ALERT**********************************************************************



i'm just kidding ;) i won't let the whole world see how tammy and i communicate :) but instead, i'll show a couple of pictures :D :D

happy times with my beloved :D

Alright, i guess that should be about all :D till then!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
useful junk?

been feeling rather sick of turning on my computer and going online. probably it's due to the super lousy / slow laptop that is running right now. -this explains my "frequent" blogging. i'll probably be sitting in front of my computer more often if a few things change. i.e, my schedule, my computer, my desk.. haha! yea right.... :D

the past weekend was a busy one for me, as elaine just had her holy matrimony and wedding dinner on sat and sun. this is in fact the first time i ever helped out in someone's wedding, and a emcee at it. haha! i thank God for that opportunity as I was not only blessed with a red packet, but also learn a valuable lesson about hosting - that is, NEVER let anyone else take away your mic! haha! those who were there at the wedding dinner will know what i'm talking about. but anyways, in short, the emcees (cindy and myself) were supposed to play a small prank on the bride and bridegroom (a clever pair they are); but ended up being pranked by them instead as they somehow got a hold of our mics and we could not get it back. hahaha! I shall not blog the's so embarrassing. ask me if you want to know more (though i'll probably just ignore you..haha! :])

alright, funny part aside for now.

God also showed me something this week. while i was preparing to emcee at the backstage, my Officer called me. it's regarding a friend of mine in camp, who were one of the 17 survivors of the recent Cambodia Dragon Boat tragedy. i thank God that my friend's safe and sound, but he seemed very much affected by the lost of his buddies.. i was just reading the article in The New Paper, and it got me thinking.. Life can be so fragile. I could imagine that just a moment before the accident happened, some of them were just looking forward to the leisure time they're going to spend with one another; and that was all taken away with just one unexpected wave from the river. The way they described the accident in the papers, how some of them were helplessly swept underneath the pontoon and how murky and dark the waters were, it really sent a chill down my spine. And knowing that my friend, someone whom i always see and communicate in camp, almost got his life taken away by that experience, just taught me to treasure the people around me, especially my loved ones.
Thank You God. week'll be my Section Proficiency Test (SPT). In another words, i'll be in camp for 3 days and outfield for 4 days. I just pray that everyone'll be protected and nothing unexpected will happen at all. Other than that, i'm sure it's going to be fun to go through all those times with my old and new buddies. :)

SPT is probably the hardest thing i've to go through this year. after that, it's PARTY time!! Christmas is so near i can hear the bells jingling already! haha! hmm..i wonder how will my Christmas be like this year... haha..somehow i just feel that it's going to be different this year.. ah well, i shall wait and see! :D it's funny, but my Christmas wish this year is to work! haha! no seriously, i need more work - like tuition, so i could earn some extra $moolah$.. haha! Cos i've been thinking, maybe i should start taking up bike lessons again. it's the most affordable vehicle i can own in a shortest time possible.. ah well, i'll see how things goes..
but if you're reading this and you're thinking "hey! i can help this guy.. i got some tuition "Lobang"!" Then PLEASE! call me! hahaha! :D i'll be very appreciative of your kind deeds! :D

anyway, guess i'll stop here for now. but before i go.......

i'm just kidding...there's nothing actually. LOL!

P.S: if you're wondering why i did not reply your tag - there was a problem with the website, so i could neither see nor type anything. :)

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
another "calamity" -alright it's not tat bad, haha!

just when we all thought it was over, and the next OT period won't come so soon; we were told to prepare for OT this week. yesterday was the first one -i hope they won't today (though it's most likely going to happen) -why do i use "they" instead of "we" u asked? cos i was sick the past two days and was "relaxing" at home while my camp mates OT in camp. :P i know what you are thinking, hahaha -i'm really sick okay.. that also explains why i didn't GB with my buddies on sunday night -i was already feeling a little feverish and needed the rest.

GB refers to Gunbound, and on that note, some us in camp started playing GB recently.. its funny how that old game could still bring so much fun when we all play together. the game's got this very kiddy look which, honestly, i don't wana be seen playing. but behind this inmature visuals, its a game with a lot of mathematical estimation and logical reasoning. for example, if you want to attack someone at the far end of the screen, you'll want to have a low angle and high power so that your shot can go far -of course putting into consideration your terrain condition and the weather, you make adjustments from there. you'll know what i'm talking about if you've played GB before. :)
speaking of which, those of you in camp who're reading this! Please, pick up a form at the reception counter and sign up as a member today! remember to tick the checkbox at the bottom of the form that says "YES! I want to join the GB gang and i promise to GB with them whenever possible! and i will abandon DOTA too!" - LOL! in another words, please join GB with us, we need more players. :)

to whoever it may concern, appreciate what you have around you, especially the people around you and the things that they've done for you. the last thing you'll want is to regret when it's gone. what you do not treasure, you will lose. -enough said.

-Letter to my Beloved-
only You know clearly what i'm going through now. No, i won't back down, i won't surrender, i won't give up just like how You've not given up on a imperfect me. Thank You for cheering me on, and always so ever believing in me that i can make it. times are hard, but i will not stop praising You. Just like the Spartans in the 300 movie that We watched recently, they never back down, they never surrender and they never quit -neither will i. the devil should be the one backing down, surrendering and quiting the fight, because greater is He who is in me then he who is in the world.
Rest assured, what I've pledged, I will fulfill. I'm learning to keep my word just as how You've kept Yours. I'm believing in You, for a greater breakthrough.
Thank You once again.. :)

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

you won't believe what just happened..

-no, by mom did not win the lottery. LOL! though I wish she did.. :D

monthly, i'm paying a membership to an online website that teaches you how to start online business to running and maintaining them to making it a success story. I was just thinking, it's going to be kinda difficult to balance out all the funds as Arise and Build is coming.
before i could come up with a plan, the owner actually emailed all the members and told them they'll stop charging and close doors to new members. - the current members can still access the truckloads of information for free till further notice.
WOW... just nice when Arise and Build is around the corner!

I believe this is God at work - giving me an opportunity to give more to the building fund and at the same time, not having to compromise on my online business. Thank you God! :D

this is for you, God... ;)
Must Have Done Something Right - Relient K

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

love these accoustic love songs.. :D enjoy!

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